Christchurch, Lower Broadheath


The church is run by a Parochial Church Council (NOT a parish council, which is the civil authority) and the Churchwarden, with support from the vicar of Hallow.


PCC Members and Churchwardens are appointed every year by those churchgoers who have been entered on the Church Electoral Roll.


The next Annual Meeting was to take place on 21st April but will be suspended during the current emergency. We will publish a new date ASAP


Meeting every 2 months, the PCC is responsible for church finances, deciding which forms of worship to use in services (within the national guidelines for the Church of England), building and grounds maintenance and improvement, social outreach and community development.


Members of the PCC for 2019-20 are:

 Joyce Wilson      Joy Williams        Inge Bateman

Hon. Treasurer

Ian Craigan           Barbara Beard         Mike Beard

     Chair              Hon. Secretary     Churchwarden

Margaret Mathews   David Bartlett