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Say Hello to Hallow

(and Grimley & Holt too!)

wonderful news....

We have been busy making plans for two important events: the joining together of our parish with our neighbours Hallow, Holt & Grimley into a single benefice - and the appointment of a new vicar to work in this new benefice.


We are delighted that a new vicar has been chosen: and here she is in her own words -


Hello- I’m Kalantha, and in January my family and I moved to live in Hallow and to work with all four churches in our new grouping - Lower Broadheath, Hallow, Grimley and Holt.

I was born and brought up in London, raised by parents who were agnostic or atheist, depending on which way the wind was blowing, but who certainly did not wish their children to go anywhere near organised religion. I disappointed them somewhat by finding faith in Jesus Christ and choosing to be baptised when I was 17.

After going to University, I returned to London and qualified as a solicitor, working in both private practice and the civil service. My husband William and I moved to Eckington, near Pershore, in 1997. We lived there very happily until we relocated to Worcester following my ordination in 2016. After our first few years in Eckington I left legal practice, and became a stay at home mum to our three daughters. They are now teetering on the edge of the nest- two at University, one in Upper Sixth, but still find time to come home just about often enough for me to feed them up!

I was licensed as a Lay Reader in 2008, and then started to run my own business as an Ofsted Registered Childminder, which I did for 5 years in tandem with ordination training, children, dogs and hens. It was a very busy phase- lots of finger painting, pasta, lost PE kit and essay crises but we all got to the end of the process in one piece. I never anticipated in my twenties or thirties that I would end up in a dog collar- and the change it has demanded of my family as well as myself has been quite something- but God is full of surprises and full of grace so here we are on an ongoing adventure into the unexpected.

I have spent the last three and a half years as a curate at St Barnabas with Christ Church in central Worcester which has been a huge privilege and a great joy.  

It’s going to be quite different returning from the city to a slightly more rural setting, but I am really looking forward to that, excited by all that is going on in the communities, and all that we might do together. I love baking, chatting, travelling and reading. I’m really looking forward to having new dog walks to discover too!


Please do introduce yourselves to me- and forgive me if you have to tell me your name five times before I finally remember it…

With my prayers that God will bless you, and all those you love and pray for, as you prepare for Christmas, and that you will manage to hear the wonderful, joyful song of the angels above the rush and pressure that Christmas can sometimes bring.



Revd Kalantha


NB. For the time being Broadheath and Hallow will continue to manage their respective parishes under their own Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) with the help of the vicar - and people who have lay ministries will continue their work.


The new arrangements may mean some changes to service times but there will also be opportunity for lots of new activity.


Members of the various PCCs are working together to sort out the details of how the benefice will work and make arrangements for appointing the new incumbent.


If you have ideas or concerns about this new arrangement please use the Contact Us button to get in touch!

Baptism books bonanza!

We are always delighted to welcome families to Christ Church to celebrate a baptism and welcome a child into Christ's church!


To help families with young children settle in we have created some Book Bags full of fun things to keep children occupied - a simple book on a Christian theme; an action figure to play with; crayons and a colouring book. These will be offered along with hymn books and service sheets and hopefully will help parents and children to enjoy the occasion.

Kalantha close up