Christchurch, Lower Broadheath

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Say Hello to Hallow

(and Grimley & Holt too!)

Over the next few months we are making plans for two important events: the joining together of our parish with our neighbours Hallow, Holt & Grimley into a single benefice - and the appointment of a new vicar to work in this new benefice.


Broadheath and Hallow will continue to manage their respective parishes under their own Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) with the help of the vicar - and people who have lay ministries will continue their work.


The new arrangements may mean some changes to service times but there will also be opportunity for lots of new activity.


Members of the various PCCs are working together to sort out the details of how the benefice will work and make arrangements for appointing the new incumbent.


If you have ideas or concerns about this new arrangement please use the Contact Us button to get in touch!