Christchurch, Lower Broadheath


The PCC is responsible for managing the funds raised and given for running the church and parish activities.


These include upkeep of the building and grounds, paying the expenses of visiting clergy, equipment and consumables, cleaning, insurances, heating and lighting.


The parish is also required to make an annual contribution towards the wider church through what is know as the 'Parish Share'. This is a single payment, based on a means-tested assessment of the parishioners.


In 2016 the total cost of running the church came to £20,000, of which £11,000 was paid in Parish Share to the Diocese.


In the same year we raised £24,000.


£12,000 of our income came through planned giving, plate collections and gift aid.


£1700 was raised through fundraising efforts and a further £1700 was donated.


£4,700 came in fees for funerals, weddings and baptisms.


We are building up a surplus to make sure we can do the following things in the next few years -

  • replace the roof to ensure the building is water tight

  • replace outdated sound systems

  • change the heating system to make sure the building is warm


Contributions, donations and legacies are welcome; please contact the Churchwarden via the Contact Us page.